touching base


i hooked up with the oracle last night because he had a plus one to a show at mercury lounge. crystal castles sold out and it was like the yeah yeah yeahs on coke times prodigy with a strobe light show. it brought me back to raves in detroit when i would eat a whole bunch of ex and inhale balloons until i came to on the floor. i wanted some glow sticks and a pacifier or maybe some blow pops because i liked to suck on things when i got fucked up. after it was over we went to rockwood for late night and the only reason i go is because it’s hosted by one of the rich girls. i had to have drunk more than a bottle of red wine when the groper showed up with one of his girl “friends”. he always has some kind of arm candy and it makes me wonder where they come from. personals maybe. he introduces me and i ignore their name because i know i will never see them again. to make a long story short i was standing against the wall and watching impromptu aerosmith covers while he was caressing my back and telling me it was hot that nobody can see. its like a secret he said as he slipped his fingers down the back of my pants and touched my punani. that’s when the bathroom door opened and the girl he came with came out then they went back to their seats at the table in the corner. he led her there with that same hand on the small of her back. sick fuck didn’t even wash his finger tips off.


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