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me vs authority

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

i was never a good girl nor was i ever a strait a student. i got b’s and c’s and was voted biggest skipper in the senior mock elections. i thought it was a joke so i didn’t even show up to the yearbook photo. my life fell apart during my last year of highschool. all my friends were older and had already graduated and left me behind to rot in the halls with all the assholes i had to sit through class with. i’d leave at lunch went to smoke blunts, eat acid or sprinkle shroom dust on pizza. maybe it had something to do with the drugs but i had the biggest attitude and i purposefully broke rules knowing that it would would suck to get caught even though most of the time i got away with it. i just didn’t give a fuck. i cheated and lied and i was the most ungrateful spoiled little shit you could ever imagine up until my baby sister grew up. i envy my parents for their forgiveness and i wish i would have listened when they tried to teach me how not to hold grudges.


hip hip hooray

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008


the first year i tried out for cheerleading i didn’t make it and i balled my eyes out for a week. it was the end of the fucking world when i didn’t see my name on the list. i wanted to run and hide and begged my parents to let me switch schools because i couldn’t bear to face the embarrassment come the fall when we all went back to romeo high. i thought they were all gonna laugh at me and tag me as the poor little girl who can’t fly.

flying high

Monday, March 31st, 2008


when i was a little girl i dreamed i could fly all the time. i did ballet because i could tour jete on stage and i was on point when i turned nine years of age. i had balance and i could jump which gave me an advantage when cheerleading try outs came around. i made the varsity competition squad and i was the only one from my grade. it was because i was small and they needed somebody to toss around. i was light enough for two girls to clasp their wrists like a basket then i would jump off of their fists as they tossed me in the air. at the peak of about twenty feet i would spread my legs to touch my toes and then cradle my body for them to catch me. there’s a mount called a liberty where you stand on the hands of two girls holding one of your feet and your other leg is bent so your foot touches your knee. the bases arms extended over their heads and i was above everyone with my arms in a v smiling and yelling go team.

free spirit

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

me and my friend sarah thought we were awesome because we both had boyfriends who didn’t play football. in high school these people were commonly referred to as “burn outs”. friday nights were always game nights and one weekend my parents decided to go out of town. at practice we told our coach we were going with them and weren’t going to be cheering at the big game. they were scheduled to leave in the evening so sarah came home with me. we got ready for the game, dressed in our uniforms and curled our pony tails. we packed our bags with clothes to wear to sarah’s boyfriend’s bonfire and the bottle of absolute we got someone to buy for us at the party store. for some reason loitering always seemed to work well for me. we said goodbye to my mum and pop and pretended to go meet the rest of our team but instead we started drinking. my parents are smarter than i thought and they knew something was up. they went to the game instead of going up north and ran into our coach. she said i thought the girls were with you and they said no, they left for the game and had to drive because they missed the bus. we were so busted. both of us got kicked off the squad and our team lost.


gimme an F! gimme an A! gimme an H! gimme a Q!

what’s that spell?!?!?


[repeat over and over and over and over again]