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over and out

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

today i’m packing my bags and heading to switzerland because for some reason i wound up in the wrong spot. off the radar and smack in the middle of the bermuda triangle and i don’t know how the fuck i’m going to get out. the issues that the people i know are going through take me away from my own and distract me from my reality. its a hot mess of mistakes and consequences on top of actions that contradict statements plus business for pleasure on purpose. you told me something different than what i heard you said to them and i know somebody must have been led to believe you weren’t lying. it takes one to know one so you can’t hide from me because i saw your true colors from a mile ahead.


however, if i was a train wreck away from my apartment then i would probably go see the guitar player on saturday night live playing his own set at mercury. that is only if i can bring myself to see you and i can find an umbrella because when it rains it pours.